Cupcakes in Malaysia has taken over the cakes one bakery at a time. These little delectable goodies are so very popular in Malaysia. Every now and then, you see a new bakery in town with an array of cupcakes available at their counters because they see how much Malaysians love cupcakes. Kuala Lumpur, being the capital city of Malaysia, has the highest number of cupcake cafes or as they are better known as cupcakeries (cupcake + bakery). In KL itself, there are over 2 cupcake chains that are operating selling cupcakes as their main business all over Klang Valley. Some of the cupcakes shop in Malaysia are: Cuppacakes by +Wondermilk, Cupcake Chic and Bisou Bake Shop. These cafe’s specializes in selling only Cupcakes in Malaysia. They also have a wide array of cupcakes that are available on their counter. These cupcake shop operates as a full cupcakery selling only cupcakes in Malaysia.

Cupcakes in Malaysia is also strong in the online world of internet business. Ever since the blogging boom, Malaysians joined the bandwagon and started their own bakery at home. They promoted their cupcakes in Malaysia by going through social networking sites and also through free blogging services that are available. There are countless of cupcakes in Malaysia that are operating and selling cupcakes in Malaysia successfully. Most of these bakers are stay at home moms that use their own kitchens to bake their goodies with almost no capital. They then get orders online and they fulfill them to the best of their ability and soon able to add in more investment for a bigger business.

Welcome to a special mouth watering site dedicated to the delectable Cupcakes in Malaysia. We hope to help you fulfill all your cupcake needs that you may need in Malaysia by posting relevant information and resources that you can find related to cupcakes in Malaysia. We will also showcase and feature all your favourite Cupcakes in Malaysia.

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